Terms and Conditions

You declare that, without being affected by some substance in your body and making full use of your legal, physical and mental faculties, contract of your own free will and so suit you, the tour offered by the company Itzae Tours Bacalar committing and attend free from the influence of any drugs or disease that could endanger your physical and / or that of the other members of the group in this activity. You understand that you know the itinerary and dynamics of the activity performed and consider yourself able to do it without any physical problems, psychological, phobia or other personal inconvenience that limits you to do even if it includes: water activities such as making ski, snorkel, swim, float or navigate in anyway in any aquifer in which the activity, hiking is performed and scheduled meetings and possible with all kinds of animals and plants of any ecosystem, use of mechanical vehicles and land, water and air motorized, ziplines, water bridges and/or hanging, climbing and/or rappel in mountains or natural &artificial walls, etc. With this You note also that; you have filled the registration form with your personal data, medical questionnaire and family information in the clearest way that you have been able, providing real information you have authorized the company Itzae Tours Bacalar to use if it deems it necessary. Furthermore, you declare that you widely understand that there is a risk of an accident in any activity and no indication, instruction, safety measure, amount of care, or previous experience can never completely eliminate, for these reasons you reiterate that you take responsibility and you reserve the right to exploit any loophole or error in this wording in order to act against the company Itzae Tours Bacalar, its employees or affiliates in retaliation for a mishap to happen to me while performing any activity scheduled or unscheduled on contracted tour itinerary or as a result thereof. Also, you declare you am aware that neither you, nor any family, heir / beneficiary, guardian or your legal representative may ignore this manifest and initiate a process of legal action or criminal proceedings against the company Itzae Tours Bacalar. Attempting to otherwise, you recognize that this document will be valid for the duration of the trial to be carried out in the city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico only and this commits me to cover expenses and necessary compensation to the company Itzae Tours Bacalar, its employees and / or affiliates for the time invested and losses of any kind incurred as a result of the proceedings against him. You freely grant your consent for the company Itzae Tours Bacalar to use photographs and videos of you doing some of their activities for promotional purposes. You agree that you will not ask for reimbursements from the company Itzae Tours Bacalar if the right offer you the service should any unsuitable conditions be introduced while (under the influence of drugs or disease) or for reasons beyond their control such as can be: marches or blockades road, storms or floods. You also accept that Itzae Tours Bacalar reserves the right to postpone without prior notice the time or date of a tour reserved and paid in advance and only in case of not agreeing to the reassignment of time or date you can request a refund of my purchase. You recognize you shall not blame the company for damages and / or losses of personal objects and / or values you wear under basis for the development of some of its activities.

Payment Method

All payment will be processed by OpenPay.